I,  Adelle Gough, artist and owner of Green Bow Tie Works, am a bit of a nomad. I fly around in my truck-house with my piano guy and come back to nest at my home studio in Stroud, where loads of ace guys like otters (be still my beating heart), herons, cute frogs and kingfishers live.

I love animals. Obviously. And the sea. And trees. Of course, Mother Nature in general is awesome.

I’ll probably tell you I’m a surfer - this is true, but I have way more love for it than skill. And that’s okay. The same applies to Yoga.

I’m also a massive geek. I love to have a read whenever I get a minute and people usually ask me if i’m okay, as if I have some sort of reading disease.

I love writing and singing too. Joyous things.

I use different media a lot, because even though a portfolio may look better with a million different versions of a watercolour giraffe, I just can’t help exploring.  I paint surfboards, jackets, graffiti pieces, and illustrate in a Gonzo style for Tankus the Henge.


Saying that, my late twenties have brought me to my favourite thing ever which, curiously, is one of the most traditional of all - oil paints. You can’t take the crazy out of the artist though, so I’m anything but traditional in my use of them. As a MASSIVE fan of texture, I’ll often layer together seriously smooth blended tones with lovely chunky impasto, and often some splashes of ink, tea and coffee for good measure. (Not really a fan of perfection…or formality. No thanks.) And I love to work BIG.

I consider myself a wildlife painter, really, with some added imagination.

That’s where my heart is.



Oh, and while I’m here - don’t use disposable plastic. It’s actually the worst.


BBC1's Home Is Where The Art Is - Episode 6


Jam in a Jar, London
Balabam, London
Melia White House Hotel, London


Upfest crafted with Posca, Bristol
Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts, Somerset
Eden Festival, Dumfries and Galloway
Barefoot Festival, Loughborough
Isle of Wight Festival
The Pembroke Yeoman, Haverfordwest
The Mansion 1907, Mysore, India




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